Bias throwbag

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Our Bias Throwing Bag incorporates the same durable 1050D Cordura Nylon and they are built to LAST and withstand HIGH IMPACT

Each bag has a built-in liner bag for added durability and convenience. They have double sealing system. Closed with a quality YKK zip and sealed with our super industrial Velcro strap for maximum hold and a secure, leak-free seal. The handle has been developed to provide maximum grip as well as benefit from the hygienic properties of silicone.

The Bias Throwing Bag has been specifically designed for throwing but is also an excellent all round training tool. You can replace a lot of the movements that you would use a kettle bell for with one of our Throwing Bags. Awesome for 2 handed /1 handed Kettlebell swing, farmers walk bags, over-shoulder throw bags,Kettlebell Goblet Squat, Snatch, Clean & Press, Turkish Get Up and varied strength/endurance type of training! They are a versatile addition to any Gym, or Home Gym setup! 

The Bias Throwing Bag™ is provided empty and require clean dry sand to fill the inner bag and are designed for their specific weight listed (~ 70 lbs) and not to be overfilled. This bag takes a total of ~1.5 bags of 50 lb sand bags (not included)